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Jiu Jitsu

In the coming days, weeks, months and years, you will shed literal gallons of your own sweat, blood and yes, even tears. You will not regret a single drop. You have come to the newest home of the most effective martial art and self defense system ever developed. You will be exposed to and trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with cohesive blending of wrestling and catch wresting techniques as well as Sambo and Judo.
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Justin - Coach and Founder

While under the watchful eye of Coach Justin the students of Battle Born Jiu Jitsu will get the knowledge they seek to continue them on their personal evolution through the world of single person combat sports.

The 7 key concepts of Jiu Jitsu.

Stand up/take downs – During this module students will learn a myriad of throws, take downs, trips and sweeps as well as self defense techniques for street defense.  There is a strong emphasis on repetition and development of muscle memory so a student can seamlessly take the conflict to the ground and dominate position to minimize chances of being injured by an assailant.  With the understanding that initiative in combat means dictating where the conflict takes place a student can confidently defend themselves or apply their skills in a competitive setting.  This module also focuses closely on the ability to tumble and fall safely, also referred to as “break fall” techniques.

Guard – The guard is one of the primary control positions in Jiu Jitsu and allows an individual to defeat an opponent who is on top of them.  This essential skill set has many branches of understanding and its importance cannot be overstated.  In the course of this module students will learn and practice the primary styles of guard application as well as studying other fringe applications which can be added to the tool box of knowledge.  Most of what happens during the course of a grappling match comes from working inside the guard and working to pass the guard.  Sweeps, submissions, transitions and guard passing serve as the focus for this module with additional attention given to defense against guard attacks.
Mount – The mount is one of the most dominant positions in grappling as the mounted individual is on the bottom and their guard is not in play.  This means that the weapons of the mounted individual are limited as well are options for escape.  Drills from this position and its variations will characterize the training in this module as students learn how to secure and dominate this position and apply transitions and submissions.  Escape techniques flesh out the other half of the module and counter techniques are applied as a student learns a system of attack and defense from perspective of aggressor and defender.
Back Mount – This position is almost universally considered the most dominant and devastating in grappling sports.  With all weapons in play, the practitioner with the back mount has enjoys the advantage of having secured the back of their opponent, thus cancelling the effective use of their opponents weapons while giving vast diversity in options for transition and attack.  Just as with mount, drills focusing on dominance, submission, escape and counter technique are the focus.
Side Control – This module is less about a position and more about a concept of controlling and dominating an opponent from top position.  The many variations and transitions while on top of an opponent, outside of the mount, are tantamount to being an effective grappler.  Students will be taught and will drill positions of consequence with transition options, submissions, escapes and counter techniques.
Half Guard – Whether or not the person on the bottom of a grappling match has half guard or is half passed is a question answered by the victor.  Half guard is rich with options and is a position primarily for use in sport Jiu Jitsu and for transitioning and sweeping opponents outside of that specific arena.  Students will learn how to effectively attack and dismantle the half guard and learn to effectively transition, sweep and submit from half guard as well as effect a quick escape from a tactically disadvantageous position.
Leg Locks – This module approaches the “dark side” of Jiu Jitsu.  The truth of the matter is that leg locks are the great equalizer in many matches and can quickly dissolve the advantages of size, strength and yes, experience.  Considered by many to be a short cut or “cheap”, these techniques possess a savage degree of efficacy.  In the world of competitive Jiu Jitsu, leg locks remain controversial but most grapplers have accepted that leg locks aren’t going anywhere.  Any gym would be remiss not to focus on this discipline of grappling and to start as early as possible.  SAFETY